What Makes a Great Safety Banner?


Notice traffic, caution and warning signs all around you? They share one common feature, they are simple, use few words and reinforce the wording with a simple graphic. Studies have shown that most people will look at a sign or billboard for 2 seconds or less. That's not a lot of time to take in complex images, a lot text or subtle background clutter.

Our safety banners like all well designed safety banners use the same features. A well designed safety banner will have a positive effect on enhancing safety awareness. When selecting safety awareness banners, don't let your message get lost in the clutter.


We have all read safety and warning messages, how many do you remember? A great safety slogan can stay with you a lifetime. Simple, short and memorable slogans will increase the effectiveness of you safety banner. A slogan like "Lifting is Breeze, When You Bend At The Knees" is hard to forget the next time you lift something heavy. Would a lengthy statement on the correct placement of the hands, back orientation and lifting position have the same effect?

Kastwell Inc. offers a wide range of safety awareness banners with memorable slogans such as these safety banners. Many of our slogans come from our own customers with safety slogan award contests. If we come across a slogan we think is great, we'll add it to our selections. We started with just 16 banners 12 years ago and now have hundreds safety banners available


Simple graphics that convey your message work best on a safety banner. Look through a selection of safety symbols used on safety related signs, they are all the most simple graphic possible. Look at sample of our selection of safety banners. When someone looks at your safety banner for a few seconds, they don't have time to sort through a lot of colors, swirls, an curved text. Try reading text where each letter is a different color, it sounds "flashy" and would attract attention? No, it is nearly impossible to read. When thinking about safety awareness, think Simple = Best


Like any investment, you want your investment to last. We would never use anything less than 13oz materials with nylon netting embedded) for an industrial environment. Some places use 10oz and even 8oz materials, they will try to tell you that the lighter material is better, it's not. The heavier the material = increased cost = less profit for them. We guarantee our banners and stand behind them, that's why 13oz is the minimum weight we use. We have been selling safety banners for 12 years and will be here 12 years from now, we don't sell our banners and then move on to the next sale, we want you happy with our safety banners years after they were purchased.