Are Safety Banners Effective?

An inexpensive method to increase safety awareness in the workplace? Safety banners with memorable sayings do work, kind of like the words of a song that you find yourself repeating. Safety banners remind employees that taking that extra second to think about what they are doing prior to doing it, can prevent a catastrophic outcome. Whenever I use power saws, I'm reminded of our safety slogan "10 Fingers, 10 Toes. Without Safety Who Knows?" Yes it's a silly little saying, but it always comes to mind with a sharp metal blade spinning at 1000 rpm a few inches away.

The number one cause of accidents is complacency. If you work high up on a ladder, your major concern is being too comfortable with your surroundings and forgetting that you are 20ft off the ground. Or if you are operating a punch press, getting too comfortable with a 20 ton press inches from your hands. Safety awareness banners help break that complacency, they are a constant reminder of what you have at risk and the effects an accident would have on you and your co-workers, family and friends.

I mentioned to my retired neighbor that I was working with a company that makes safety banners . He had a suggestion for a banner he thought we could use " Keep Horseplay In the Corral" with an image of hoses in a fenced corral. I thought is was funny, I asked him where he got it from. It was from a banner that they had hanging in his workplace over 30 years ago. A simple safety banner must have had an impact if he remembered something he read 30+ years ago. How many things have you read and will remember 30 years from now?

People remember visually images better than written text. Did you ever read a book on improving memory retention? Almost all recommend that you take a name, place, etc. and make it into an unforgettable visual image. For example if you ran into a man named Sam with a dog named pepper in the city of Houston in July, you could create a visual image of Uncle Sam wearing a cowboy hat peppering a hot dog. That single image providing clues to aid in your recall of events. The same with safety awareness banners, we use simple visual images to reinforce safety themes. For example: To reinforce the idea that taking chances even ones with remote chances of bad outcomes will eventually have your luck "run out"; we use an image of dice and the safety slogan "Don't Gamble With Safety" Here are some additional safety banner examples.

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Al Sudfeld

Kastwell Sales